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Hillman - Lynn Quarter Horse Production Sale 2011 - No Sale This Year

There will not be a Hillman & Lynn Production Sale for the year of 2011. Ranch Sales only

When: TBA
Where: Idaho Falls Livestock Auction
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Horses For Sale off the Ranch not at the auction


Absentee Bids

Access Hillmans Quarter Horses for their horses, pictures and pedigrees at:

Baby Horses

DOB Breed Name Color Sex Sire Dam

Broke Horses

DOB Breed Name Color Sex Sire Dam
May 1 2006 AQHA zSOLD - CR Blue Legend Brown gelding NO ID Blue Pine Sheza Country Legend
April 10 2005 AQHA zSOLD - CR Turn N Jay DUN gelding LT Banjoe Jay Back Pay Jay
07/13/2008 AQHA zSOLD - Tawny Hollywood Idol Buckskin Gelding NU Hollywood King -grullo EE Dahlias Golden Alibi
May 31 2008 AQHA zSOLD King Cutter Quixote Dun Dun Gelding Nu Hollywood King EE blk gene Snips Candy Quixote

Lot #LOT #13

zSOLD - CR Blue Legend

Brown gelding
LynnAQHAMay 1 2006
2006 zSOLD -Brown/bay gelding, strip on face, and a really cute head. This is a high energy horse. He never gets tired, and would be a good ranch horse, where he gets ridden every day. Rockey has ridden him 3 times as far as the other horses. He's old enough to take to Fall Round-Up and ride all day, every day. Rockey would keep this horse if he had a big ranch with lots of miles to cover. He walks fast and Rockey enjoys riding him in the mountains. Not for an inexperienced rider, or a person who wants to go on a trail ride once a year.
He has a lot of good horses in the pedigree, OToe, Two ID Bartender, Barry Pine; Music Mount
Two ID Bartender is an AQHA Champion, Superior Steer Roping, 1983 World Champion Jr Heading and Heeling
Barry Pine is an AQHA Champion, sired by Poco Pine an AQHA Champion, sired by Poco Bueno an AQHA Champion, sired by King 234.
Music Mount has an ROM in cutting.
OTOE ran AAA, is an AQHA Champion and a Superior Halter Horse.
CR Blue Legend is 15-1 hands
Rockey has more than 60 rides on Legend.
zSOLD - CR Blue Legend Quarter Horse
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Lot ## 33

zSOLD - CR Turn N Jay

DUN gelding
LynnAQHAApril 10 2005
zSOLD - CR Turn N Jay is a nice 5 yr old Dun gelding. He has a beautiful head and good conformation. He is trained for trail riding, Rockey has ridden him all over the mountain trails and the river bottom. He walks right out and he's a good sized horse. Turn N Jay is 15-3 hands. He should go to Fall Round Up. He's old enough to ride all day and stout enough to handle it.
Rockey has 60 rides on him. 2 months of riding by Rockey is a lot different than taking a horse to a trainer that never leaves the arena. Rockey rides from 6 to 8 hours a day, (he changes horses every hour). They have been hauled to the trail head, so they trailer very well, he has put shoes on them, and he has tried to expose them to every natural obstacle that exists. They will go anywhere. They have seen everything, mountains, gulches, rocks, wildlife; deer, coyotes, run past them; ducks and geese, fly up in their face. They have crossed water, and crossed anything from a river, to a ditch, culvert, logs, rocks, bridges, Rockey opens and close gates off from them. They have been walked, trotted and loped, they back up, and they have to side-pass over to a gate, stand still until he gets the gate unfastened, side pass in the other direction to open the gate, back-up, to go around to the other side of the gate, and stand still again for him to close and fasten the gate. There are 6 gates between here and the river, so in one ride, they do this 12 times. They have been in open fields, with tall grass, brush, and sagebrush tickleing their belly. They have had to climb steep ground, and they have gone down steep ground. Rockey rides where I am afraid to follow. So like I said, they will go anywhere when he gets done with them.

zSOLD - CR Turn N Jay Quarter Horse
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Lot # # 20

zSOLD - Tawny Hollywood Idol

Buckskin Gelding
zSOLD - Rockey has him started and he's already made several trips to the mountains. He is doing well.

Tawny Hollywood Idol is a beautiful 2008 Buckskin Gelding. He's got a lot of muscles in all of the right places. What a cute head,& big brown eyes!
His Sire: NU Hollywood King, sired by Hollywood at Dawn, a NCHA money winner, and grandsire, Hollywood Bill a Superior Cutting Horse, with 155 points; sired by Hollywood Gold! Queen Dawn had 11 halter points and her sire was King P234. NU Bar Twist was an IBHA working cowhorse winner, going back to NU Bar, a two time Top Ten finisher in the NCHA World Championships. Leo is a Leading sire. And My Dandy Bob ran AAA with a ROM in Race.

Tawny's Dam: Dahlias Golden Alibi- a beautiful palomino mare
Her sire is Sierras Alibi by Sierra G Son by AQHA Champion Sierra Mount
Her Dam is Docz Dahlia an own daughter of Doc's Zimfandel; an AQHA Champion, World Champion Jr Cutting Stallion and Pacific Coast Cutting Futurity Champion.
There are lots of Foundation horses here. Doc's Zimfandel has 3 X's back to King.
Docs Perfect Alibi has 10 halter pts, Professor's Alibi is her sire, he has halter and cutting pts and is a son of Doc Bar. Other foundation horses in the pedigree include: Poco Tivio, AQHA Champion; Poco Bueno, AQHA Champion; & Midnight JR.
Tawny Hollywood Idol has lots of potential, to cut, rein, or do whatever you want to do. He'll be able to do it all with training. He is right now a good trail horse.
He shows real style and class.
zSOLD - Tawny Hollywood Idol Quarter Horse
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Lot # #42

zSOLD King Cutter Quixote Dun

Dun Gelding
LynnAQHAMay 31 2008
zSOLD - King Cutter Quixote a nice Dun gelding, pretty head, with a cow cutting, foundation pedigree. He has two white pasterns in the back, black mane and tail. Rockey has started "Cutter" he's going to make a good trail horse, and he should be cowy with his pedigree. He'd be great to ride on Fall round up, or trail ride anywhere.
Just look at the Cutting horses in this pedigree.
Hollywood at Dawn, Hollywood Bill, NU Bar, Professor's Alibi, Snipper Music, Music Mount,
Sooty Quixote, & Docs Quixote.
King Cutter Quixote should be interested in cows.
King Cutter Quixote is a sweet, people loving horse. He's gentle and would make a great family horse.
zSOLD King Cutter Quixote  Dun Quarter Horse
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We will start post information about the sale horses in June and July.

Directions to the Sale

Take Interstate 15, to Idaho Falls, ID. Get off at Exit 118 (Broadway Exit) Go East (toward the Center of Town,) to North Yellowstone Highway (Approximately 5 lights). Turn Left, onto the North Yellowstone Highway and go about 1 mile to the Idaho Falls Livestock Yards. It's on the left.

Absentee Bids

Absentee bids may be sent to:

Idaho Livestock Auction
Box 2187
Idaho Falls, ID 83403

Auction Office: (208) 522-7211 and (208) 522-7212
Gale Harding - Auctioneer (208) 356-3700
Nick and Jackie Hillman - Sale Managers
(208) 662-5434
email: replace -at- with @
If you want to make phone bids while the sale is going on, you can call the above numbers before the Sale, and make arrangements for them to call you, when the horse you are interested in, comes into the ring.
Credit Card numbers will be taken, plus 3% of the horse's price, to cover the Credit Card Office Charge.
Should you purchase a horse, on the phone, you will also have to make arrangements for transportation of the horse,
Horses cannot be left at the Sale Yards. The Sellers of the horses will be willing to take the horse home, if you can't make other arrangements to pick the horse up at the Yards on Sale Day. Then you can pick the horse up at the previous owner's home, in a timely manner.
You should check with the owner of the horse, to see if he has room to haul it home, in the event that you should buy it.

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