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Production Sale - Held August every year

Baby Horses

DOB Breed Name Color Sex Sire Dam
2014 AQHA 0-2000: Contact information other
04/28/2014 AQHA 0-2014 Drift Chip Cowgirl #41 Grullo Filly Celebrity Concerto grullo roan Drift Chip Cowgirl #41
04/15/2014 AQHA 0-2014 SugarBaby grullostud Grullo Stallion Celebrity Concerto grullo roan Shadows Sugar Baby -grullo
06/02/2013 AQHA 01-2013 Song N Dance Music Red Dun Filly Celebrity Concerto-grullo roan NU Song Seeker-buckskin
5/15/13 AQHA 01-2013 Concord Foxy Peach Dun Roan Filly Concord Music -grullo ChantsUpset Holly -reddun Roan
May 8 2013 AQHA 01-2013 Drift Chips Star Black Filly Hancocks Blue Bird Drift Chip Susie
6/6/2013 AQHA 01-2013 Hollystars Sable Fox Brown Filly Celebrity Concerto-grullo roan Hollystars Quixote
6/13/2013 AQHA 01-2013 Hollywood Fawn AT Dawn Dun Filly NU Hollywood King-Dbl Blk Gene HQH Melody - Bay Roan
06/24/2013 AQHA 01-2013 NU King OF Hollywood Grullo Gelding NU Hollywood King-Dbl Blk Gene Celebrity Princess -red dun
July 1 2013 AQHA 01-2013:SOLD Quixote FancyFeet Grullo Gelding Concord Music Snips Candy Quixote
4//24/2013 AQHA 01-2013SOLDDriftaway Blue Bird Black Filly Hancocks Blue Bird Driftaway Susie- black mare
May 14 2012 AQHA 2012: Driftwoods Download buckskin Stallion DL Hot Chex - palomino IMA Foxy Driftwood- black
May 24, 2012 AQHA 2012: King Coke La Cola Bay Mare NU Hollywood King-Dbl Blk Gene Primera La Musica
May 23 2012 AQHA 2012: Kings Bourbon Baby Black Filly NU Hollywood King-Dbl Blk Gene Snips Josie Cuervo Dun Roan
June 15, 2012 AQHA 2012: Kings Melody Maiden Dun Mare NU Hollywood King-Dbl Blk Gene HQH Melody- bay roan
May 18 2012 AQHA 2012: Kings Molly Brown Brown Mare NU Hollywood King-Dbl Blk Gene Dahlias Golden Alibi -palomino
June 1, 2012 AQHA 2012: KoKo Mocho Quixote Brown Mare Celebrity Concerto Hollystars Quixote
May 31 2012 AQHA 2012: Queen Diamond Jubilee Gray Dun Mare Concord Music Snowy River Flicka
June 2 2012 AQHA 2012: Silver Diamond Tiara black filly Snips Silver Legacy-grulloroan Diamond Poco Chic - black
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Broke Horses

DOB Breed Name Color Sex Sire Dam
June 18 2011 AQHA a2011: Hollystars Bay Mist Bay Roan Filly Celebrity Concerto- grulloroan Hollystars Quixote -brown
May 30 2011 AQHA a2011: Kings Dandy Dahlia Brown Filly NU Hollywood King- grullo EE Dahlias Golden Alibi - Pal
April 22 2009 AQHA b2009: SOLD Concord Jazmine chestnut Filly Concord Music - grullo Silverado Jaz Music-grulloroan
May 1 2009 AQHA b2009: SOLD Cowgirl Chardonnay Dun Mare Celebrity Concerto grullo roan Concord Chardonnay-Dun
4/18/2007 AQHA c2007 Rockin Rhythm N Gold Pal with dor Filly Sierras Alibi - Palomino Docs Rockin Revlon - Red Dun
4/15/2008 AQHA c2008: RBARL Dharma Karma Chestnut Mare Sierras Alibi - palomino Docs Dharma - red dun
04/27/2008 AQHA zSOLD:Kings Silk Ribbon Black//brn Mare Nu Hollywood King EE blk gene Sequins Blue Ribbon - BlueRoan

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 Quarter Horse
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LynnJune 5 2011
 Quarter Horse
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 Quarter Horse
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 Quarter Horse
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 Quarter Horse
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 Quarter Horse
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 Quarter Horse
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0-2000: Contact information

Lynn AQHA2014
2013 - Contact Information: Betty A Lynn phone numbers:(406)961-4460 (406)381-5180 cell
Rockey R Lynn phone number: 406 381-0262 cell

Address for:
Betty A Lynn
1339 Chaffin Lane
Corvallis, MT 59828-9502
web site:

PRODUCTION SALES have been canceled until further notice. With poor economy, it costs more to put a Horse Sale on, than the benefits resulting from the sale.


AQHA registered: Weanlings, Yearlings, 2 yr olds and Started 3 year olds are For Sale off from the ranch, at all times. There are lots of grullos, blacks, Duns, and many colored roans for sale: Blue roans, grullo roans, dun roans, Bay roans, buckskin roan, etc. a Rainbow of Colors! Also a few Blacks, Browns, bays, and chestnuts available.
YOU ARE WELCOME TO VISIT! Let us know when you would like to come. Email or phone us.

The oil painting picture of our three stallion's heads;
(Concord Music, Snips Silver Legacy and Celebrity Concerto)along with their sire, Snipper Music in the oval between them, was painted by Bonnie Cazier, a great friend, Photographer and Artist.
0-2000: Contact information Quarter Horse
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Lot #$2000.00

0-2014 Drift Chip Cowgirl #41

Grullo Filly
2014: Drift Chip Cowgirl's grullo filly. This is a very nice grullo filly. She is sired by Celebrity Concerto (a son of Snipper Music and a grandson of Skipette Holly). He is a magnificent grullo roan stallion. "Concerto" has a gorgeous head, an elegant neck, a wide chest, a nice muscled hip, etc. I like everything about him, and he makes my heart beat when I look at him!
I bought Drift Chip Cowgirl from Keith Munns from Rexburg, ID. She is a black mare carrying the blood of 2 black stallions; Drifts Chip (a stallion that stood at the Four 6666's Ranch in Texas) and Black Weasel a double black gened stallion that stands at JoAnn Carroll's ranch in Salmon, ID. Drift Chip cowgirl also carries the bloodlines of cutting horse Flim Flam Cat. These black mares that I bought from Keith, are big mares, about 15-2, and Celebrity Concerto is 15-2 so I know that these foals will be good sized, big enough for the men to ride, out trail riding or rounding up cows. This 2014 grullo filly has the credentials to be cowy, athletic, friendly, and very pretty too boot.
0-2014 Drift Chip Cowgirl #41 Quarter Horse
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Lot #$2000.00

0-2014 SugarBaby grullostud

Grullo Stallion
2014 Shadows Sugar Baby's grullo stud colt. This is a great looking colt. He has a cute little head, long legs and lots of strips. He will have good size. His sire, Celebrity Concerto is a grullo roan, and 15-2 hands tall. The foal is a very colorful grullo stud colt, with a small star.
0-2014 SugarBaby grullostud Quarter Horse
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Lot #1500.00

01-2013 Song N Dance Music

Red Dun Filly
2013 Song N Dance Music a red dun filly out of NU Song Seeker. This is a beautiful filly with a Star, strip and snip. Her pedigree carries most of our stallions; Celebrity Concerto, Snipper Music, Sierra G Son, NU Goldseeker were instrumental in starting our herd, along with Skipette Holly a granddaughter of Hollywood Gold, Skipette Holly's sire, was Hollywood Wilma who earned 9 AQHA cutting points. NU Goldseeker was sired by Leo Goldseeker by Goldseeker Bars, A Supreme Champion, AQHA Champion-AAA, winning performance points in Cutting and Western Pleasure and halter pts. Goldseeker Bars was the only Supreme Champion that sired a Supreme Champion. NU Goldseeker's Dam: NU Sunrise a buckskin mare was sired by NU Bar a two-time Top Ten winner at the NCHA World Championships in 1974 and 1976. NU Bar was a Reserve Champion Cutting winner at the AQHA World Championships. NU Goldseeker was a gorgeous buckskin stallion, he was laid back, calm and gentle. He had a pretty little head and was very well built.
With the history of Cutting, Reining, and running horses, this 2013 red dun filly, Song N Dance Music should be able to do most anything, that you would like to do.
01-2013  Song N Dance Music Quarter Horse
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Lot #$2000.00

01-2013 Concord Foxy Peach

Dun Roan Filly
2013 Concord Foxy Peach a Dun roan filly out of Chants Upset Holly. Her coloring is a dun roan. Her conformation is awesome, with a big hip and a pretty head, just like her sire Concord.
Concord Music, her sire is a grullo stallion. He's a keen headed, really handsome stallion. He would make a good model of exactly what a Quarter Horse should look like! He has A V in the chest, muscled hip, with big gaskins, and I like the length of his croup, and his tail set. He's athletic and smooth as glass to ride. Rockey said that he was good at cutting the cows, here at the ranch.
There are 5 generations of AAA running horses behind Chants Peppy Twist. Mr Chant Bob AAA was an AQHA Champion.
On the bottom side, there is Hollywood Wilma and Hollywood Gold. These horses are fast enough to catch a cow and cowy enough, to know what to do with it.
This is a beautiful Roan filly named Concord Foxy Peach. Take a look at her, you won't be sorry!
01-2013 Concord Foxy Peach Quarter Horse
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Lot #$2000.00

01-2013 Drift Chips Star

Black Filly
LynnAQHAMay 8 2013
2013: Drifts Chips Star 2013 Black Filly with a star. She has a pretty little head, good conformation, and she will be a big mare when she is matured. Hancocks Blue Bird is her sire and Drift Chip Susie is her dam. Drifts Chip was a big black stallion that stood at the 4 Sixes Ranch in Texas. This filly is a triple bred Drifts Chip. Black Weasel has a double black gene(EE) He is a grandson of King Fritz. Black Weasel is her Dam's grandsire. Flim Flam Cat, also on the pedigree was a cutting horse. The filly has a good chance of being homozygous with the black genes with both Double Drift (EE)genes and Black Weasel (EE)gene, both of them are the grand sires of the Dam, Drift Chip Susie.
Both Winchester and Barry Pine are AQHA Champions.
Drift Chips Star is big and pretty. She is black and beautiful, a gorgeous Filly . She really loves people, is very friendly, and was easy to halter break.
01-2013 Drift Chips Star Quarter Horse
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Lot #$2500.00

01-2013 Hollystars Sable Fox

Brown Filly
2013 Hollystars Sable Fox a Brown Lined back filly
I couldn't be more pleased with a pedigree than I am with this one. Celebrity Concerto is one of the most beautiful stallions that I have ever seen. His head is exquisite; the big jowls, big eyes, and little ears, with a brain; he is conformationly correct in every way; his withers, the length of his back, the slant of his croup, the tail set, the V in his chest, his gaskins, he has good bone, legs and feet. He is a combination of Snipper Music bred to a daughter of Sierra G Son, out of Skipette Holly. Snipper Music, Sierra G Son and Skipette Holly were instrumental in the formation of our herd. That's all on the top side.
Now the bottom side. The Dam: Hollystars Quixote sired by Peppy Jo Quixote by Docs Quix Trix by Doc Quixote,Non Pro-World Champion Cutting horse.
Hollywood Wilma (he had 9 cutting points) is on both sides of the pedigree, so Hollywood Gold is also on both sides. Also, Son Ofa Doc, Jule Bar with 36 Performance pts.;and Senor Drifwood with 4 Hltr pts and 15 performance pts., and Cutter Bill an AQHA Champion, 1962 NCHA World Champion and 1963 NCHA Reserve World Champion. It seems there is no end to the good horses in this pedigree. I've always favored Hollystars Quixote as being one of the best brood mares we have, and now with a closer look at the pedigree, I can see why. The mare is gorgeous, and I have ever reason to believe that the filly will be gorgeous, also, with lots of talent and athletic ability, to go and do, as you please.
01-2013 Hollystars Sable Fox Quarter Horse
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Lot # $1500.00

01-2013 Hollywood Fawn AT Dawn

Dun Filly
2013 Hollywood Fawn AT Dawn a Dun Filly a Pretty little filly with a petite dish faced head. Cute, Cute, Cute. She looks like a Fawn to me.
01-2013 Hollywood Fawn AT Dawn Quarter Horse
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Lot #$3000.00

01-2013 NU King OF Hollywood

Grullo Gelding
0-2013 NU King OF Hollywood is a Celebrity Princess's Grullo gelding
Sire: Nu Hollywood King and Dam, Celebrity Princess always make a good cross. Every one of the Celebrity Princess's colts are awesome.
Celebrity Princess is a full sister to our stallion Celebrity Concerto. I just love the conformation and the beautiful heads of Celebrity Princess and her brother, Celebrity Concerto. Princess is one of Snipper Music's prettiest daughters.
This young gelding has all of the good horses in his pedigree, that we started our herd with. Sierra G Son, Snipper Music and Skipette Holly, crossed on Nu Hollywood King, that is 2 crosses to Hollywood Gold. Let this colt be the GOLD in your barn!
Celebrity Princess's grand dam,(Skipette Holly) is a granddaughter of Hollywood Gold. She was the best producing mares we ever owned. Skipette Holly lived to be 34 yrs. old. Now that is longevity.
Our horses have beautiful heads, are very intelligent, very athletic, and are born to COW!
NU Hollywood King's offspring are known for their super disposition. They cross extremely well with Snipper Music daughters.

Snipper Music, was a Snaffle Bit Futurity winner, and winner of multiple reinings, cuttings, and team pennings. Snipper Music was a terrific Ranch horse. No job he couldn't handle, whether he'd ever done it before or not.
This is a very nice colt. He should be able to do it all. Don't miss him!
1339 Chaffin Lane
Corvallis, MT 59828
406 961-4460 home
406 381-5180 cell

01-2013 NU King OF Hollywood Quarter Horse
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Lot #SOLD June201

01-2013:SOLD Quixote FancyFeet

Grullo Gelding
LynnAQHAJuly 1 2013
SOLD Quixote Fancy Feet is a grullo gelding with a star and 4 white feet. There are many winners in his pedigree. His sire is Concord Music, sired by Snipper Music a Snaffle Bit Futurity winner. Mr Bar None is a World Champion Superior running horse. Mr Gold 95 has a Superior in Performance with 166 points in cutting and 2 pts in reining. Sooty Quixote won $100,000 in cutting. Docs Perfect Alibi has 10 points in halter and her sire Professors Alibi had 16 cutting pts and 2 halter pts.
If Quixote Fancy Feet has the athleticism that the other horses in his pedigee have, he should be a performer.
01-2013:SOLD Quixote FancyFeet Quarter Horse
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Lot #SOLD June 20

01-2013SOLDDriftaway Blue Bird

Black Filly
2013 Driftaway Blue Bird Sold to Johnny Cabigas from Salmon, ID is a black filly with a blaze face. Her sire is Hancocks Blue Bird a stallion that belongs to Keith Munns from Rexburg, ID. The Stallion is 16 hands and 1300#, a big boy!
The Dam is Driftaway Susie, a grand daughter of: Drifts Chip and Black Weasel. Both stallions have the double black gene. Keith says his colts are typically very gentle and trainable.
Both of these black fillies from this blood line were easy to halter break. This filly has good size, a pretty head and she's friendly. The conformation is great. This is a nice filly.
01-2013SOLDDriftaway Blue Bird Quarter Horse
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Lot #$4500.00

2012: Driftwoods Download

buckskin Stallion
LynnAQHAMay 14 2012
FOR SALE: Born in 2012 Driftwoods Download is a 2 year old, AQHA buckskin stallion. This is a beautiful stud colt. I leased his Dam from Sandy Withrow from Tonasket, Washington, and brought the colt home to my house with his Dam. Driftwoods Download's Dam, is a gorgeous black mare and I drove all of the way to Tonasket, Washington, to pick her up. This colt will be as pretty as his Mom, when he grows up. I can see it, especially looking at his head and ears. Just like Mom's! As you can imagine, we have lots of visitors and horse lookers, out in our pasture looking at mares and foals. And with over 30 good looking mares out there, one of the couples picked out and asked about this colt's Dam, Ima Foxy Driftwood. "Who is she? What's the breeding on that mare?" She is so black and shiny, with such a stand out pretty head, she takes my breath away! I see the same outstanding quality in this buckskin stallion, Driftwoods Download. He has a prestigious pedigree.
His Grandsire ER Hot Chex was a Performance Champion and his great grandsire, NU Chex to Cash has lots of reining, roping and working cowhorse AQHA, and NRHA points won. A nearly two year old stallion prospect with Foundation breeding, beautiful head, conformation, athletic ability and that gorgeous buckskin color, what more could you ask for?
ER Hot Chex stands at Overlook Farm Quarter Horses in Iowa. He is a gorgeous palomino stallion. He is a Performance Champion; and is competitive in tie-down roping, heeling, working cowhorse and reining. He has a show record as long as your arm, 4 years of winning High Points, Superiors, World Championships, in all of the events, listed above. His foals have huge hips, straight legs, beautiful heads and great dispositions.
ER Hot Cash's sire is NU Chex to Cash who is a 2 million dollar sire and was inducted into the NRHA Hall of Fame in 2010. NU Chex to Cash is the All-Time leading reining point earner in AQHA History! He won High Point Reining and High Point Working Cow horse in the same year. NU Chex to Cash was also the World Champion in Senior Reining and Senior Cowhorse at the AQHA World Championship Show. He has AQHA Superiors in Reining (292 points) and Working Cowhorse (80.5) points. This is a phenomenal record to say the least!
ER Hot Chex's Dam, IMA Last Peppy, has Mr.San Peppy, Mr. Sugar Boy, Doc Bar, Rey Jay and Big Step on her papers!
This buckskin colt has the potential to do any one, or all, of those events with the proper training. And if you are not interested in showing, and you want to ride a beautiful buckskin horse trail riding, or in a parade, you could take pride in what you're mounted on! This is a fabulous colt, don't pass him up!

2012: Driftwoods Download Quarter Horse
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Lot # $2000.00

2012: King Coke La Cola

Bay Mare
LynnAQHAMay 24, 2012
King Coke La Cola is a Bay Filly sired by Nu
Hollywood King out of Primera La Musica. This is a very classy filly, pretty little head and good conformation all of the way around. There is not a lick of white on her. She's growing well and she already looked quite big in the fall.
She has an outstanding pedigree with lots of foundation breeding and lots of "cow".
Snipper Music is her grandsire on the Dam's side of the pedigree. He was a Snaffle Bit Futuriy Winner, He won every open reining that he was entered in to. He was good at cutting. He won 3 AQHA points in Team Penning, with Rockey riding him.
NU Hollywood King-Double Blk Gene and 96% Foundation
He has King P234 and Hollywood Gold as great grandfathers, on his papers.
Hollywood at Dawn won some money in the NCHA And was a great Ranch horse
Hollywood Bill was an AQHA Superior cutting horse with a total of 131 points.
Queen Dawn has 11 AQHA pts in Halter
NU Bar Twist was an Honor Roll Working Cowhorse in the IBHA and he is a Reserve Ch."Bridle" horse.
NU Bar won (1974 and 1976) - 6th place in NCHA World Championship cutting 2 years, and he won Reserve Champion in AQHA World Champion Cutting. He has 33 AQHA points in performance.
Explosive Man AA ROM race horse with 15 halter points. He was fast and good looking!
Primero El Randado AQHA Champion with performance ROM of 60 points, with 10 of them cutting pts.
Leo - a Leading Sire
Music Mount has an ROM in Cutting
King Coke La Cola should have all kinds of athletic ability, she has beautiful conformation, good legs and feet. She could be a show horse, a ranch horse, a trail horse, an all around versatility horse, or what ever you decide.
2012: King Coke La Cola Quarter Horse
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Lot # $1500.00

2012: Kings Bourbon Baby

Black Filly
LynnAQHAMay 23 2012
2012 Kings Bourbon Baby,-a black Filly. Her sire is NU Hollywood King, a grullo stallion. He has foundation greats: King P234 and Hollywood Gold on his registration papers! "King" as we call him, has the double black gene and he is 96% foundation in the NFQHA. The dam of Kings Bourbon Baby, is Snips Josie Cuervos. She is a beautiful dun roan mare, sired by Snipper Music and out of Alibis Quixote. She puts out gorgeous foals. We kept the best of the Snipper Music fillies the year he died in 2001 and his last foal crop, the following year, 2002. Every single one of them was precious and not replaceable. They've been an important part of our breeding program.
Lots of years ago, I was at Hermiston, Oregon when this beautiful chestnut mare came thru the ring. Her name was Docs Perfect Alibi. She had 10 AQHA halter points and a Reserve Champion Halter. I thought she was perfect just like her name! Her sire was Professor's Alibi. As it turned out, Professor's Alibi, belonged to a Professor that taught at UC Davis in California. Professor's Alibi had 2 halter pts and 16 cutting pts & was sired by Doc Bar, the All Time Leading Sire of cutting horses. Docs Perfect Alibi was in foal when I bought her, to Sooty Quixote. He had won nearly $100,000.00 in NCHA cuttings and his sire was Doc Quixote, A World Champion Non-Pro Cutting horse. I bought her,(with the World watching, apparently). People called me, when I returned home, with the newly acquired Broodmare and tried to buy her! But of course, I wasn't parting with her. The resulting foal was Alibis Quixote, a little chunk of a chestnut mare. Our farrier at the time, told me she had the best feet on a Doc Bar bred horse that he had every seen. We bred Docs Perfect Alibi to Sierra G Son a big Palomino stallion that we had purchased from Ernest and Bernetta Patterson. Sierras Alibi, a really pretty palomino stallion was born from that cross. He was an exceptional athlete. Alibi's getting old, but we still have him today. He sired some cutting horses, some barrel horses, and good ranch horses. Plus, one of his beautiful palomino colts, sold to Monty Roberts. Monty sold him to a man in London, England, and he vacations in Dubai. (this is hard to believe) He flies the Alibi horse back and forth, from England to Dubai and back to England! Just like we would take our dog in the pick-up truck, every where we went! A person just never knows, when they sell a horse, where it's going to end up! Amazing. I expect our Bourbon Baby will be a shiny black Beauty when she sheds out in the spring.
2012: Kings Bourbon  Baby Quarter Horse
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Lot #$2000.00

2012: Kings Melody Maiden

Dun Mare
LynnAQHAJune 15, 2012
Kings Melody Maiden is a Dun Filly sired by Nu
Hollywood King out of HQH Melody. She has a cute little head and she's all Dun no white.
2012: Kings Melody Maiden Quarter Horse
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Lot #$2000.00

2012: Kings Molly Brown

Brown Mare
LynnAQHAMay 18 2012
Kings Molly Brown is a 2012 brown filly, sired by NU Hollywood King and out of Dahlias Golden Alibi. Her conformation is top notch. She has muscles where they should be, a good hip, a nice head and she will be a good size. Her Grand Dam on the mare's side is Docz Dahlia, an own daughter of Docs Zimfandel, a World Champion JR Cutting Horse, an AQHA Champion and he is a Pacific Coast Cutting Futurity Champion. He has 3 crosses to King P234 in his pedigree.
Sierras Alibi is the sire of Dahlias Golden Alibi and he is a power house. He has sired barrel horses. He is a quick mover, with good lateral movement. And he has a gorgeous head.
Kings Molly Brown is outstanding in every way. She has a gorgeous head and terrific conformation. There are a lot of good cow horses in her pedigree so I would expect her to be interested in doing cow work. She has good muscle and bone, athletic ability and she would stand up to ranch work, trail riding or barrel racing. Foundation horses are built to ride and she will look good doing it!
2012: Kings Molly Brown Quarter Horse
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Lot # $2750.00

2012: KoKo Mocho Quixote

Brown Mare
LynnAQHAJune 1, 2012
KoKo Mocho Quixote is a Beautiful Brown Filly sired by Celebrity Concerto out of Hollystars Quixote.
2012: KoKo Mocho Quixote Quarter Horse
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Lot # $1000.00

2012: Queen Diamond Jubilee

Gray Dun Mare
LynnAQHAMay 31 2012
Queen Diamond Jubilee is a 2012 Gray filly, that started out as a red dun at birth. She's already turning gray, a lot faster than her full brother, Cherokee Gray Hawk. Cherokee Gray Hawk was ridden in Queen Elizabeth's 60th Diamond Jubilee Celebration by Monty Roberts! So, I'm naming this filly, Diamond Jubilee!
She's a pretty filly.
2012: Queen Diamond Jubilee Quarter Horse
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Lot #$1750.00

2012: Silver Diamond Tiara

black filly
LynnAQHAJune 2 2012
2012 Silver Diamond Tiara, a Big, Beautiful black filly. This is a beautiful black filly. She has a pretty head, and if she is anything like her siblings she will be gentle and willing to train, she will have good size, and be an athlete.
She did jump over her waterer, and cut her leg, however. She does have a scar on her left back pastern. She is not lame, never was lame on it, even right after she cut it, it's just scarred. She can still be a trail horse, a ranch horse, a broodmare or what ever you want to do with a horse. I do not think the scar will be a problem.
She will be two years old on June 2 2014 and be ready to start. Snips Silver Legacy is her sire and he is 15-3 hands. Her dam, Diamond Poco Chic is 15-2 . She is a black, daughter of Black Weasel, and everyone that gets one of these foals, loves them. She could possibly have the double black gene as her dam's sire does.
Our Black Weasel mares are good looking, and big enough for the men to ride. Fall Round-Up, and trail riding is right up their alley. And they make super broodmares.
The horses in the pedigree are athletic. The performance horses in their pedigrees have been used for; (Snipper Music, Snaffle Bit Futuritys, reining, cutting, team penning; Mr Gold 95 was a Superior cutting horse with 166 AQHA points and two reining pts; MR Gold 95,is a son of Hollywood Gold; Music Mount, ROM Cutting; King Fritz AQHA Champion; Explosive Man AA Racing,and 15 points in Halter; Mr Bar None (World Champion Running horse,) etc.
The point being that with all of the athletes in the pedigree, this nice black filly should be athletically able to do, whatever you want to do.
We had to put her sire, Snips Silver Legacy down in March. So there will not be any Silver babies born in 2015. If you have always wanted a Silver baby, this year is the time to do it!
2012: Silver Diamond Tiara Quarter Horse
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Just scroll down All The WAY Quarter Horse
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Lot #$3500.00

a2011: Hollystars Bay Mist

Bay Roan Filly
LynnAQHAJune 18 2011
"Hollystars Bay Mist" 2011 is a Bay Roan filly. Rockey has ridden this filly on plenty of mountain trails. He has ridden her in the pasture and walked thru the herd of cows. She has a lot of energy and really hikes up the trail. She is doing well. Hollystars Bay Mist is a gorgeous, keen headed, beautiful, outstanding filly. She is also super well bred. The Dam: Hollystars Quixote has a wonderful cow cutting pedigree, including Doc's Quix Trix, Doc Quixote, Hollywood Wilma, Hollywood Gold, Cutter Bill, Son Ofa Doc and many more. The dam, Hollystars Quixote is gorgeous herself, with a beautiful head, a dark brown mare with a Dorsal stripe. I love this mare. And Bay Mist has the prettiest, elegant head. She is a Bay Roan girly girl. Pretty,pretty, pretty!
Celebrity Concerto, a grullo roan stallion is the sire. He is sired by Snipper Music and out of: Sierra CelebrityGold. Sierra CelebrityGold is a daughter of Skipette Holly the foundation mare that started this herd. She was a granddaughter of Hollywood Gold.
With a great background on both sides of the pedigree, this filly should excel in the show ring, on the ranch, and trail riding. What a Cutie! She will ride with the best of them!
a2011:  Hollystars Bay Mist Quarter Horse
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Lot #$2500.00

a2011: Kings Dandy Dahlia

Brown Filly
LynnAQHAMay 30 2011
2011 This is a beautiful dark brown filly, with a keen little head, and a tiny star. There are lots of cutting horses in the pedigree. She will be an athlete. Her conformation is good, with a muscled butt and good legs and feet.
Sire: NU Hollywood King grullo stallion 96% Foundation,double EE homozygous black gene His Grand Sire is Hollywood Bill a Superior Cutting horse.
Dam: Dahlia Gold Alibi palomino mare;
sired by: Sierras Alibi
Dams Dam: Docs Dahlia own daughter of Docs Zimfandel a World Champion JR Cutting Champion,AQHA Champion, and Pacific Coast Cutting Futurity Champion
This filly is a quick mover with a lot of gas. She might make a barrel horse with a lot more miles and extra training. If I were a young person, I'd ride her in the hills, move cattle and give her something to do. On down the rode when she's 5 or 6 years old, with more horse sense, start her on barrels. Sierras Alibi has sired barrel horses, in the past.
a2011: Kings Dandy Dahlia Quarter Horse
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Lot #SOLD APL 1 2

b2009: SOLD Concord Jazmine

chestnut Filly
LynnAQHAApril 22 2009
2009: SOLD Concord Jazmine to Lana Lawson from Pocatello, ID April 1 2014 This pretty filly is a chestnut or a sorrel with lots of chrome, 4 white socks and a blaze. She will be showy. She has super conformation and a beautiful head.
She has a great pedigree and she should be a sweety, as both the Dam and the Sire are as nice as they can be. They love attention, and have kind, gentle dispositions.
Both of them have athletic backgounds.
Sire: Concord Music's sire is Snipper Music, a Snaffle Bit Futurity winner. With lots of talent in Reining, Cutting, team penning and sorting.
Dam: Silverado Jaz Music's sire: Jaz Poco Silverado has an ROM in Reining. He's been standing at the Jaz Ranch in Joseph, Oregon for years and just recently sold and went to Canada.
This pretty filly should be eye catching and a good gentle, all around horse when she grows up. This is one showy filly.

b2009: SOLD Concord Jazmine Quarter Horse
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b2009: SOLD Cowgirl Chardonnay

Dun Mare
LynnAQHAMay 1 2009
SOLD: Cowgirl Chardonnay Cowgirl to Trent Peterson March 2014 She is a gorgeous dark Dun filly. She was born on May 1 2009. She has good size, a beautiful head, with a Star, Strip and Snip; and wonderful conformation. 2011 update:Rockey has started her on trails.
Sire is: Celebrity Concerto - grullo roan stallion. His sire being Snipper Music (grullo roan)Kaniksu Snaffle Bit Futurity Winner and AQHA points in Team Penning.
Dam: Concord Chardonnay a dark dun mare, with lots of stripes is sired by Concord Music and out of Docz Dahlia an own daughter of Doc's Zimfandel, an AQHA Champion and a World Champion JR. Cutting stallion. Doc's Zimfandel is sired by Doc Bar The All-Time Leading Sire of NCHA Champions. Doc's Zimfandel has 3 crosses to King P234.
Cowgirl Chardonnay has good size, both the sire and the dam are big, approximately 15-2 or 3. This pretty Cowgirl would have the athletic ability to do any job on the ranch, be a trail horse or a show horse. Whatever suits your fancy.
Rockey has started her on trail riding.
b2009: SOLD Cowgirl Chardonnay Quarter Horse
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c2007 Rockin Rhythm N Gold

Pal with dor Filly
WOW! This is some filly! Rockin Rhythm N Gold is a do it all kind of horse, with loads of potential. "Rhythm" is a great horse to ride in the mountains. She really walks out, and she's about as tough and willing as any 2 yr old, I have ever ridden. I (Rockey) took her through some pretty rough places in the mountains and she never hesitated or quit. She's quick, with lots of cow in the pedigree. She's pretty enough to show. She's big, (15-1)right now (August 2009) and will most likly grow a couple more inches.
She's a palomino with a gorgeous head, heavy muscle, cow cutting pedigree, and really pretty. Besides all of the athletic ability that her sire Sierras Alibi, brings into the pedigree, her dam is a granddaughter of Quincy Sun Dun, AQHA Champion; and Docs Zimfandel, AQHA Champion,and World Champion Jr Cutting horse.
Sierra Mount and Snipper Reed are AQHA Champions also. Plus Professor's Alibi had points in cutting and halter.
These horses are not only DO IT ALL, kind of horses, they are pretty enough to show.
c2007 Rockin Rhythm N Gold Quarter Horse
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Lot # $2000.00

c2008: RBARL Dharma Karma

Chestnut Mare
RBARL Dharma Karma is a Chestnut 2008 filly with a nicely muscled hip and a pretty head. She is really bred to cow. Her sire's grandsire is
Professor's Alibi a cutting horse, by All-Time Leading NCHA sire, Doc Bar.
Rockey has started her. She is big and pretty.
Dam: Docs Dharma,is a granddaughter of World Champion Jr Cutting horse & AQHA Champion, Docs Zimfandel.
Docs Dharma is also a Granddaughter of Quincy Sun Dun,an AQHA Champion,with over 100 pts in Halter, a Superior halter & Superior Performance horse.
Dharma is also a great granddaughter of Snipper Reed, an AQHA Champion with points won in 7 events.
RBARL Dharma Karma could be a prospect for the Versatility classes that are so popular at this time. She will have the talent to make a good cow horse on the ranch, a wonderful trail riding horse,or a super performance horse at the Shows with lots of ability to be a versatility horse.
c2008: RBARL Dharma Karma Quarter Horse
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Lot # $2000.00

zSOLD:Kings Silk Ribbon

Black//brn Mare
SOLD to Morgan Kuntz in Dillion.
Kings Silk Ribbon is a sweet brown filly. She has a gorgeous head, huge hip and a great disposition. She sun bleached to brown last summer, so I wouldn't call her black, unless she sheds out black this summer. She has all of the horses in our breeding program in her pedigree, and is double bred Hollywood Gold. She'll be a good one to take home. She's very foundation bred.
Rockey has been riding her for a couple of weeks. She has enough athletic ability to become a reiner. At this time she is starting to cross over her front feet, during a turn inspired by a little rein on her neck, and leg pressure.
zSOLD:Kings Silk Ribbon Quarter Horse
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2012: SOLD Colonel Playboy Leo

Bay Stallion
LynnAQHAFeb 7 2012
2012: Sold Colonel Playboy Leo to Q Dehart in Stevenstille, MTColonel Playboy Leo is a bay stud colt with a strip on his face and one hind ankle sock. He has some phenomenal cutting horse breeding. Both Colonel Freckles and Freckles Playboy are his Great Grand sires!
1976 Freckles Playboy - NCHA Cutting Futurity Co-Reserve Champion
1977 Freckles Playboy - World Champion JR Cutting
1978 Freckles Playboy - World Champion SR Cutting
NCHA Earnings $59,975
Colonel Playboy Leo is very friendly, likes attention and follows us around every where. He has a beautiful head and nice conformation.

Whether you need a nice show horse or a good ranch horse he should be able to do the job!

2012: SOLD Colonel Playboy Leo Quarter Horse
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