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Snips Silver Legacy as a Foal

The picture above is Snips Silver Legacy as a Foal. The picture blelow is Chant's Blue Bar's new foal, yet to be named.

As you can see they look very similar and that is why we believe that this new foal will look like Silver.

The adult Snips Silver Legacy pictured below.

Photo of Snips Silver legacy as a baby (top picture). As you can see, he looks identical to the foal that Chants Blue Bar had this year (second picture). As Silver's mom died the day he was born, I was introducing him to his dad, in this photo. I thought maybe his dad would watch over him, and I could bring the milk. But in the end, I couldn't leave him with his dad. I just couldn't take the chance that anything might happen to him. I put him in the front yard with an old blind mare and her foal, and he would come to the kitchen door, when he wanted to eat. That was really handy for me. I fed him every hour and a half, for six months. He grew up bigger than Concord Music did, and his real mom fed him. Rockey said that I gave more milk than a mare!! Silver ate $700.00 worth of powdered milk replacer!

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